Grave Blankets

Grave Blankets are available and can be custom made according to your requests. We have both large and small sizes.  Prices range from $35.00 - $55.00 for the small grave blankets and $60.00 - $75.00 for the large blankets.  Decorations many include ribbons and bows, loose pine cones and any other items chosen from our store.  Individuals may also choose to bring items of special significance  to have incorporated into the blanket.

Custom Design

Patio pots can be custom designed for the holiday season using containers purchased from our retail barn or brought from your home. Fresh greens, red twig dogwood, birch logs, bells and ribbons may all be incorporated into the design. Please call us for price quotes.

If you have an artificial wreath, garland or bough that needs some sprucing up or just a new bow, we would be happy to help bring new life to those items you already have. Just bring them on in and we would love to help you.