Yummy Desserts


Kathy’s Blueberry Dump Cake


1 package yellow cake mix

4 cups fresh blueberries

½ cup white sugar

½ cup butter, melted

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix berries, sugar, and cinnamon in the bottom of a 9x13 inch cake pan.  Cover berries with dry cake mix.  Pour butter over cake mix.  Do not stir.  Bake for 30 mminutes. 


Mom’s Rhubarb Coffee Cake


1 ½ cups sugar

½ cup shortening

1 egg

1 cup sour milk

2 cups flour

1 tsp. baking soda

½ tsp. salt

1 tsp. vanilla

2 cups diced rhubarb


Cream sugar and shortening.  Add egg.  In another bowl combine flour, baking soda, and salt.  Alternate adding sour milk and flour mixture to the sugar and shortening, beating after each addition.  Add vanilla and beat.  Fold in rhubarb.  Pour into a 9x13 inch greased and floured pan.  Sprinkle batter with a mixture made with ¼ cup sugar and 1 tsp. cinnamon.  Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. 


Pride of Iowa Cookies


1 cup brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

1 cup shortening

2 eggs

½ tsp. salt

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 cup flour

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup coconut

½ cup nuts

3 cups quick-cook rolled oats


Blend sugar and shortening and add eggs.  Add dry ingredients.  Stir in vanilla, coconut, oats, and nuts.  Mix well and drop by teaspoon on greased cookie sheet.  Flatten with bottom of glass.  Bake at 375 degrees for about 8 minutes.


Aunt Alma's Coffee Cake


1 pkg. yellow cake mix

1 pkg. Instant coconut cream pudding

¾ cup water

¾ cup salad oil

4 eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

¼ tsp. butter flavoring

½ cup white sugar

1 Tbsp. cinnamon

2 Tbsp. soft oleo

Dash of salt



1 cup powdered sugar

2 Tbsp. milk

1 tsp. vanilla

Few drops butter flavoring


Blend cake mix and instant pudding.  Add water, oil, eggs, vanilla and flavoring.  Beat at high speed for 6 minutes.  Mix filling of sugar, cinnamon, oleo, salt, butter and flavoring.  Blend well.  Bake in greased and floured 9x13 inch pan.  Layer batter and filling.  Save some filling for top.  Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.  Let stand 10 minutes, then poke holes in cake before frosting warm.  Mix frosting ingredients well.  Drizzle over cake. 


Great Great Grandma Lillian’s Applesauce Pecan Bread


2 eggs

1 cup applesauce

1 cup sugar

1/3 cup oil

3 Tbsp. milk

½ teaspoon cinnamon

¼ teaspoon nutmeg

1 teaspoon soda

½ teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

2 cups flour

1 cup chopped pecans


Beat eggs until foamy.  Stir in next four ingredients and add to first mixture, beating with a spoon until well mixed.  Stir in nuts.  Spread in greased 9x5 loaf pan. 


¼ cup brown sugar

¼ cup chopped pecans

½ teaspoon cinnamon

Mix together; sprinkle evenly over top of batter.  Press in lightly with hand.  Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.  (If topping browns too fast, cover with foil during last ½ hour of baking.

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