Group Presentations:

We are pleased to talk with any Gardening Group, Master Gardeners, Ladies Group, Church Organization or Farmers/Growers about our farm. Topics of discussion can vary from how we got started and the growth of our business, to growing and maintaining our summer garden, plants/annuals, or our 40+ acre pumpkin, squash and gourd crop. Reservations are required in advance to schedule a talk with us.



School & Home School Field Trips:

On any given fall morning at Harvestville Farm, you'll see the sights and hear the sounds of children laughing, learning and playing. Offering educational field trips to pre-school and elementary age students has long been a priority for us here at the farm.  It just so happens that we're able to help accomplish that goal in a fun and unique way.  Our educational field trips have been structured through the knowledge we have obtained of being a 5th generation farm, along with the additional educational guidance from one of the owners being a licenced educator. Our unique and interactive field trips are loaded with lots of fun and hands-on educational experiences. Click HERE to schedule your class field trip this fall.


Fall Curriculums:

Fall Curriculums are now available for our educators. Each curriculum was designed and written by one of the owners who is also a certified educator.  Each curriculum is LOADED with a variety of agriculture activities that are appropriate for ages Pre-K through 4th grade. Curriculums available are: All About Pumpkins, The Importance of Bees, Life on a Farm, and Get Lost in the Corn


* It is very important to us that all students feel comfortable and have a positive learning experience at our farm. Additional Hands-On Activities are available to any parent/educator to assist and enhance the learning experience of any child/student with special needs.  Please feel free to inquire about these services upon your visit.

          Curriculum Downloads  

                  Available Below
 ~ These files are password protected. Passwords are

shared with educators at time of scheduled field trip ~

 Pre-K: Pre-Activity                        

 Pre-K: Part 2
 Pre-K: Part 3
 Pre-K: Part 4
 Grades 1-4: Pre-Activity
 Grades 1-4: Part 2
 Grades 1-4: Part 3
 Grades 1-4: Part 4