Fresh Fruits

at the Farm


Freshest Fruits are Available at the Farm:

Throughout the hot summer months, there's nothing like biting into a freshly picked Georgia Peach or popping a few locally grown strawberries or blueberries into your mouth!



Beginning in early June, Georgia Peaches will arrive at the farm! These early varieties are a smaller, cling type peach but are all tree ripened and arrive at our farm within 36 hours of being picked. Throughout the summer months, weekly deliveries of Georgia peaches arrive at our farm and become bigger and juicier with each passing week. Typically, by the third week of June the peaches change over to all Freestone varieties rather than the Cling varieties, which are common in the first few early pickings. Over the duration of the summer, as we continue to have Georgia peaches, peaches from Missouri, Illinois, Michigan and Colorado will be added.



We are VERY excited to also have locally grown strawberries throughout the beginning of June!  After an extensive search we are able to offer locally grown strawberries from Keosauqua!  Strawberry season is quite short so make sure to stop by the farm to get some.


Cherries and Blackberries:

Locally grown tart cherries and blackberries will arrive mid-summer.


Additional Fruits Available this Summer:

Fresh Watermelons, Cantaloupe and Michigan Blueberries will arrive at the farm when their season begins mid-summer, along with Bing and Queen Anne Cherries from Washington State arriving mid-summer. We also try to source Missouri grown plums and apricots when they ripen in late July. In July/August we offer locally grown Lodi Apples for applesauce and several varieties of eating/cooking apples as they ripen in September thru October.