Fresh Veggies

Our Garden

Picked From

Full-Season Veggies - July - August

Sweet Corn
Tomatoes - different varieties
Peppers - Bell, Jalapenos

Assortment of Salsa Peppers
Red and Yukon Gold Potatoes


Green Beans

Summer Crookneck/Zucchini Squash


​​​​​​​​Nothing like Fresh Veggies

Fresher tastes best! That’s the homegrown difference! Fresh produce provides more nutritional value and leaves a smaller carbon footprint, which makes our environment healthier as well.  We have a large assortment of homegrown vegetables available seasonally each spring/summer straight from our garden.


Early Season Veggies - May

Green Onions
Lettuce-Romaine, Buttercrunch, Gourmet Leaf
High Tunnel Tomatoes - from Lengacher Produce


Mid-Season Veggies - June


Bok Choy

Early Potatoes

Grilling Onions
Zucchini Squash

Shell Peas

Romaine and Head Lettuce

High tunnel Tomatoes (from Lengacher Produce)


Summer Veggie Boxes:

If you enjoy eating a variety of fresh summertime produce, but don't want to grow your own extensive garden or travel to a local area Farmer's Market on a weekly basis, then our "Veggie Boxes" might just suit your summer veggie needs! The "Veggie Box" concept was introduced to our customers a few years ago and was SO well received that we decided that we would continue with it.  The "Veggie Box" concept is very similar to our old CSA model with the main difference being that there is no contract or payment required up front. Customers really liked to have a choice in what they received in their boxes. Each week we usually offer two different boxes with a different combination at the same great price point as the traditional CSA offered. Every week we will list on Facebook what boxes we have for sale and what is included in each. You simply tell us which box or boxes you would like and when you would like to pick them up. From time to time we will also be offering fruit boxes including things such as Georgia Peaches, Washington Cherries, and Muscatine Melons. Prices of the boxes vary, however, they usually range between $10 - $25 depending on the contents of the box that week.