What our customers

are saying...

"Awesome place to go! The children really love it! Thank you for creating such an amazing place!" - Randy C.
"So much to do for young and old, not to mention the selection of inside and outside decorations are endless." - Tim G.
"Harvestville Farms is an excellent place to take your family. There is something for everyone from a children's play areas, wonderful food, choose your own pumpkin, pumpkin painting gourds, baked and canned goods. If you like florals and antique items they have those items also. We took our family and had a blast." - Tina D.
"Great place to spend time with kids and family. Have been going every year the past couple years and will continue to go back! Staff are super friendly and sooo many things to do and see for all." - Laura D.
"Wonderful family place. There is absolutely nothing I would want different from our experience! Family tradition!" - Janell B.
"One hundred percent Family friendly for people of all ages. There is so much to do there for kids and adults. My children loved the corn pool, loved it!" - Buffy A.
"We rented a bonfire pit and did the flashlight corn maze with a group of about 12 teens (age 13-18) last night. Everyone had a wonderful time. A lot of places offer fall activities that are geared towards younger kids however, the flashlight maze was fun for everyone. At the end of the night they were voting that we do it again next year. I highly recommend." - Joanna J.
"Great place for all ages. My sister in law & I came today & brought our children & grandchildren. The kids had a big time playing & picking their pumpkins. Spent several hours there, well worth the hour & a half trip over." - Renne V.
"We took our family of 6 and had a blast. My kids range from 5 to 11 and there is so much to do. We stayed for 5 hours and could have stay longer. The staff is very helpful and inviting. Worth the drive. We will be back. Thanks Harvestville Farm for the hard work you do to keep this going." - Amber J.
"Have tried a local pumpkin patch and decided the 3+ hour drive to Harvestville Farms is very much well worth the trip!!" - Connie D.
"We took our family of 6 there yesterday and had the best time! Our kids range from 12-17 years of age, so it's not easy finding a pumpkin patch that caters to their age group. So many fun things to do and the staff was super friendly as well! Definitely worth the almost 2 hour drive it took for us to get there! We highly recommend going!" - Corie L.
"I had my sons birthday party there. Very accommodating, we had a wonderful experience; I suggest reserving the bonfire for shade! When the kiddos cry because it is time to go, you know it was a good day. " Jennifer R.
"I had lunch at the cafe - it was delicious! I had the turkey and cranberry panini.
I had ordered a BLT box from the Farm and it was very nice, juicy tomatoes, lovely lettuce and a pound of bacon from a local producer. Also picked up some bourbon maple syrup that I can't wait to try and some of my favorite cheese from Milton, IA. They were all very helpful. I enjoyed my time there." Deborah V.
"Watching my children have complete fun that is totally unplugged and with random kids they do not know but make instant friends with. That is a true joy of coming to Harvestville as a family!" Victoria O.
"We love coming to Harvestville Farm and hearing all the laughter and excitement in everyone enjoying themselves. Plus our youngest always tells us that he is going to pick the biggest pumpkin ever." Ashley M.
"My son has special needs and he loves the corn pit. I love watching his face light up when he plays in it!!" Denise N.