• Conestoga Special

  • Everest

  • Apogee

  • Magnum

  • Dynasty

  • Denali

  • Early Giant

Small 5-15 lbs.

  • Lil' Ironsides

  • Trophy

  • Darling

  • Jack Sprat

  • Cannonball

  • Flatso


 Mini Pumpkins Less than 2 lbs.

  • Gooligan

  • Jill Be Little

  • Weee One

  • Gold Speck

  • Little Orange Mon

  • Lil Pump-ke-mon

  • Orangita

  • Naked Bear - hulless seeds - grown for seed roasting


                   ~Please note, the varieties listed are actual grown produce and not seeds. We do not sell seeds. Thank you.~


  Pumpkin Varieties


  HUGE Pumpkins 75+ lbs.

  • Big Max

  • Atlantic Giant

  • Prizewinner

  • Grower's Giant


  X-Large Pumpkins 50-75 lbs.

  • The Hulk      

  • Phat Jack

  • Big Doris

  • Cronus

  • Mr. Fugly

  • Conquest


  Large Pumpkins 30-50 lbs.

  • El Toro

  • Conestoga Giant

  • Summitt

  • Kratos

  • Super Herc

  • Captin Jack

  • Ares


 Medium Pumpkins 15-30 lbs.

  • Progress

  • Camaro

  • Mustang

  • Zeus


  Warty Orange Pumpkins

  • Warty Goblin-smaller multi-warted orange pumpkin—                                                                                                                                mostly green warts on orange surface

  • Knuckle Head-large orange pumpkins with multi warts


  White Pumpkins


Extra Large 

  • Full Moon                  

  • Polar Bear



  • Flat White Boar Ford  (great for stackable topiaries)



  • Casper  

  • Lumina           

  • Shadow Moon                       

  • Moonshine     

  • New Moon

  • Crystal Star



  • Sirius Star       

  • Blanco            

  • Casperita        

  • Baby Boo       

  • Snowball


Speciality Pumpkins

Rouge de Etamps-French heirloom introduced to the US in 1883—flat red-orange fruits-spectacular for fall decorations-commonly called Cinderella pumpkin

Fairytale-large French buckskin pumpkin—color of skin resembles “frost on the pumpkin”

New England Cheddar-one of the best pie pumpkins and excellent keeper

Galeuse d’Eysines-commonly called peanut pumpkin

One Too Many-cream with light orange stripes—totally unique and beautiful

American Tondo-yellow and green striped pumpkin—beautiful medium sized

Indian Doll-light orange deeply lobed, blocky pumpkin

Jarrahdale-dark grey/blue lobed pumpkin

Jewel Box Pumpkin-large tan flat pumpkin with raised skin


Winter Squash Varieties

Acorn Type --

Table Star Acorn-jet black acorn with 50% high sugar content than other acorns

Celebration-brightly colored (yellow, orange, green) acorn type squash

Fordhook Acorn-heirloom acorn squash introduced in 1890-excellent eating quality

Autumn Delight-earlier season dark green acorn squash

Cream of the Crop-white acorn with mild, nutty flavor

Sweet Dumpling-sweet individual serving squash

Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash-best tasting, smooth textured squash


Butternut Type --

Betternut 900-gourmet baker with creamy skin, rich orange flesh and outstanding flavor

Butterkin-personal sized round butternut—perfect for soup

Specialty Squash --

Jumbo Pink Banana Squash-best cooking squash for pumpkin pies

Guatemalan Blue Banana Squash-good baker-easy to slice into rings-can store unused portions in refrigerator                  for several weeks

Bush Delicata-very sweet bright yellow flesh

Autumn Cup-sweet orange meat (buttercup type)-great keeper

Sweet Lightening-the sweetest of the delicata squash

Marina De Chiogga-heirloom winter squash from Italy, grey-green turban that is an excellent keeper

Triamble-heirloom squash, very thick flesh, excellent for baking

Thai Rai KawTok-excellent soup making almost black flat pumpkin shaped squash

Yuxijiangbinggua Squash-flat, burnt orange colored squash originating in China-very unique

Yokohama-flat, dark green ribbed medium sized squash

Autumn Colored Cushaw-multi colored cushaw

White Cushaw-large heirloom squash that many like to use for pies

Queensland Blue-an Australian heirloom, deeply ribbed, and an excellent winter keeper

Sunshine Squash-bright orange color, biggest seller of the buttercup type squash

Primavera Spaghetti-full size spaghetti squash—less starch than real pasta and less calories

Small Wonder Spaghetti-spaghetti squash that is a perfect single serving size

La Estrella-pink/grey colored medium sized squash-beautiful for decorating

Red Kuri-excellent eating squash—small size—bright orange/red color

Speckled Hound-pink/grey mottled blocky squash

Red Warty Thing-bright red/orange hubbard type squash with large warts

White Bush Scallop—good for cubing and sautéing with other vegetables

Blue Magic-smaller of the blue/grey Hubbards; holds for months


Gourd Varieties

Autumn Wings-unique gourd in the shape of a smaller swan gourd in many colors with wings and warts

Big Apple Gourd-6-8” tall gourd in light/dark green colors shaped like an apple-can be painted when dry

Big Boy Mix-larger size gourds excellent for drying and crafts-includes bottle and dipper gourds

Big Kettle, Odd Kettle, 18” Wine Kettle-larger size gourds for crafting

Birdhouse Gourd-light green gourds with rounded necks and large bulbs-excellent for making birdhouses of all types

Bule Gourd-unique, warted hard-shelled French heirloom gourd-dries easily

Cave Man’s Club-primitive looking dark green gourd that resembles a club

Crown of Thorns-variety of colors with thorn like points on one end of the gourd

Hedgehog Gourd-a small gourd with “spikes” and green and white stripes

Indonesian Bottle, Chinese Bottle-always an interesting shape

Little Guy’s Mix-variety of small gourds in several different colors and shapes

Luffa Gourd-wonderful for drying and can be used as a bath sponge

Maranka-a favorite among gourd crafters

Miniature Bottle Gourd-a miniature sized bottle gourd-about 2”x4”

Siphon-dipper type gourd

Small Warted Gourd Mixture-mixture of many colors, all warted-long keepers

Speckled Swan-swan-like gourd-flat bottom for easy sitting-great for crafting

Tiny Turk-miniature turban gourd

Turk’s Turban Gourd-flattened gourd with prominent “turbans” in bright orange, cream, and green color

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